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Feed-Through System for Thermocouples

Feed-Through System for Thermocouples

Ellab offers a high capacity feed through system developed to perform leak proof insertions of STC thermocouples into e.g. autoclaves. The Feed-Through is available in two versions: FT20 handling up to 20 STC thermocouples and FT40 handling up to 40 STC thermocouples.

The design with a 1½” flange connection and with optional internal or external thread adaptors will make mounting fast, easy and tight.

All surfaces in contact with the chamber interior or product(s) are made of medical grade AISI 316L Stainless Steel. The silicone discs separate each layer of sensors and seals them 100%. At the same time the discs are ideal for avoiding any damage to the sensor surface, thus extending life time significantly compared to other Feed-Through systems.

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