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Food Applications

Validation of food processing equipment such as retorts, pasteurizers and smoke houses, requires that the equipment being used is highly accurate and reliable. Even a systemic error of 1ºC, corresponds to an inaccuracy of 26% in the F0-Value at 120 ºC. Therefore, a large selection of probes, sensors, packing glands and tools have been developed to correctly mount validation equipment in all kinds of containers. New fittings are steadily being developed to improve the heat penetration measurements.

Many different factors can affect the correct temperature measurements in the “cold spot”, so to determine this important “cold spot”, it is necessary to perform heat penetration tests to establish the most suitable temperature/time profile for the product in the container. New tests need to be performed when changing the recipe, container or conditions - for this purpose, a Multipoint sensor can be an especially useful tool. To secure an ongoing accuracy of the measuring chain, it is recommended that probes and sensors are calibrated.

In the individual application descriptions shown below, important information regarding Processes, Challenges, Guidelines and Methods can be found.

Food Applications

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