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Medical Applications

The thermal cleaning and disinfection processes of heat-resistant medical devices in Hospitals, are becoming more and more important. This is to ensure that the processed instruments do not pose any health risks towards patients, hospital personnel or any third party due to improper sterilization.
Therefore, the validation of medical/hospital equipment, such as EtO or H2O2 sterilizers, ovens and washer disinfectors, require high accuracy and reliability. At the same time, it is important to ensure that all personnel involved, understand how to use the instruments.

Due to this, it is of paramount importance that software as well as hardware is intuitive and easy to use. This can be done through a clear report design with a simple structure, containing the ID of equipment being used, calculations and acceptance criteria, all visualized along with a graph of the entire process. All the setup criteria can be saved and stored in templates for similar/repetitive studies.

In the individual application descriptions shown below, important information regarding Processes, Challenges, Guidelines and Methods can be found.

Medical Applications

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