Wireless Data loggers for Equipment Validation

The high quality wireless data loggers TrackSense® Pro data loggers consist of high resistant stainless steel and offers high-end technology that allows for stable and highly accurate measurements within different thermal processes. The loggers can be configured with interchangeable sensors to measure temperature, pressure, relative humidity, CO2, and conductivity. 

The data loggers with interchangeable sensors can easily be activated and read by the Multi reader station connected to the PC via USB. They operate in temperatures from -80°C to +150°C and can withstand pressure up to 10 Bar. When used with a thermal barrier, the measuring range extends to -196°C to +400°C. 

Combined with the Sky module and Sky Access Point, real time data can be acquired through online transmissions. It is possible to have 128 data loggers operating in one validation study, each able to store up to 60.000 data points in their memory at a time.

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Outstanding Data Logger Accuracy

  • Temperature: ± 0.05°C
  • Humidity: ± 2%
  • Pressure:  ± 0.25% full scale
  • Time:  ± 5 sec. per 24 hours
  • Conductivity:  ± 1μS/cm

Data loggers with Interchangeable Sensors

Ellab offers the largest range of different sensors with 1, 2 or 4 channels. Sensors are interchangeable, enabling the user to choose sensors for different  applications. This reduces costs as one set of TrackSense® Pro data loggers can be used for temperature, humidity, pressure and conductivity studies. All sensors (except quad sensors) are compatible with a Sky option to provide live data. The temperature sensors can be delivered in rigid, semi flexible and flexible material for ease of use.

Rigid sensors are available with or without LED that shows the status of the data logger. An active data logger is identified by a green blink. This feature makes it much easier to start larger groups of data loggers and helps avoid using non programmed data loggers. In the case of a LED sensor being used in combination with a Sky module, the LED will also confirm communication status.

Wireless Data loggers with Integrated Sensors

Wireless Data loggers with Integrated Sensors

A range of loggers with integrated sensors are available in temperature, pressure and humidity versions for various applications. The decision on which model to choose should be based on physical dimensions and process parameters. 

Just like all other Ellab products these loggers are made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

Data loggers with integrated sensors
Multi Reader Station

Multi Reader Station

The TrackSense Pro Multi Reader Station for Ellab wireless data loggers, is engineered with flexibility and speed in mind. The station has 4 positions for loggers and is connected to the PC via USB. Starting up and reading data loggers can now be performed in seconds. 16 loggers can be started or read simultaneously, offering huge time savings, especially when 128 data loggers have to be started for one study.

Reader station for data loggers
Sky Module for Wireless Online Communication

Sky Module for Wireless Online Communication

The Sky module contains all the necessary components for wireless communication between the logger and the Sky Access Point. An external antenna is also available for more difficult transmission environments.

No data will ever be lost or corrupted due to a loss of wireless communication. If a loss of wireless communication were to occur, data is stored in the logger and it will be transmitted once communication has been restored or the logger has been returned to the TrackSense® Pro reader station.

Sky Module
Sky Access Point

Sky Access Point

Enjoy all the benefits of having real time process information available on your computer and a reduced setup time with self-contained wireless data loggers. Once the logger including a Sky module has been started in the reader station it can be read and restarted remotely by the Sky Access Point.  All other wireless equipment is rejected by the Sky Access Point, greatly improving transmission success and security. The proprietary wireless protocol significantly reduces battery consumption in the data logger. 

Sky access point

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