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Rectal Probes

The rectal probe comes in three different sizes - models for adults, children and infants.


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Technical Specifications


Type Y single thermistor element, 2252 ohms at +25.0°C

Size - Adult:

Diameter 5.5 mm and length of 44 mm

Size - Children:

Diameter 4 mm and length of 18 mm

Size - Infants:

Diameter 4 mm and length of 10 mm

Electrode Material:



±0.1°C for the +15 to +45 °C range

Probe Cable:

Silicone rubber, standard length is 2.75 m

Patient Safety:

The probes have passed an isolation test of 0.5kV

The silicone cable is inactive and does not irritate the skin


70% alcohol, 0.5% chlorexidine and 29.5% water


Ethylene Oxide

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