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Wired E-Val Pro Sensor Interface and Digital Pressure Sensor

For the E-Val Pro module, Ellab offers both a fully integrated digital pressure sensor and a Sensor Interface to connect other interchangeable sensors. The Sensor Interface allows for any TrackSense Pro sensor to be mounted via pin-connectors, which opens up for a wide range of new parameters that were previously unavailable.

The Sensor Interface is connected to the E-Val Pro sensor array through USB and the adaptor can accommodate for any TrackSense Pro sensor to be applied to the process. Seeing as the interface functions with the E-Val Pro wired system, it also works in conjunction with the ValSuite™ software.
The Sensor Interface can be placed directly into the application chamber by using a feed through system (packing gland) or placed on the outside using the new 1/2" or 3/4" thread adaptors.

The E-Val Pro Sensor Interface can cover the following parameters
Temperature, Pressure, Vacuum, Relative Humidity, Conductivity and CO2 

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