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High-Precision Smart Thermocouple Sensors for Qualification & Validation of Thermal Processes

Ellab offers a wide range of pre-assembled Type-T Thermocouple sensors that are ideal for thermal validation processes. The 7-stranded high performance thermocouples cover a temperature range of -196 to +400°C and are tightly connected to the fully sealed USB plug that is used in connection with the E-Val Pro Validation System. In addition to an excellent strain relief, they offer a complete elimination of measured errors e.g. from faulty soldering, screw terminals, or moisture.

Each USB connector is equipped with a Pt1000 cold junction compensation sensor that secures the maximum precision of <± 0.05°C if supplied pre-calibrated. A built-in EEPROM allows the storing of calibration constants and the serial number of each thermocouple sensor. With the Ellab Feed-Through, up to 40 thermocouple sensors can be installed in autoclaves, dry heaters, lyophilizers, and other thermal processing equipment.

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