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Ellab Academy Basic & Advanced Training

The objective of BASIC training is to introduce new operators to Ellab hardware configurations , maintenance and more basic ValSuite setup and operation. Training is conducted as a mix of presentations and “hands-on” exercises.

The objective of ADVANCED training is to provide ValSuite operators with enough extended knowledge and skills about the more advanced features of the Ellab validation systems related to each procedure or application in order to master specific and advanced operations and data analysis.

The training is conducted as a mix of presentations, “hands-on” exercises along with group work all having focus on directives, applicable standards and other requirements. Further detailed introduction to operation and maintenance of the various hardware & accessories is given – see more details in our Ellab Academy brochure.

Ellab Academy Training | 2017


Advanced Training - November 7th to 9th

Location: Dublin, Ireland | Language: English

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