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LN2 Cryopreservation

LN2 Cryopreservation

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Validation equipment recommended for
LN2 Cryopreservation

Wireless Data Loggers

TrackSense Pro Loggers with Smart Flex Sensor

A complete data logger kit could include the following: Tracksense Pro loggers with Smart Flex sensors, Laptop, Temperature Bath, Temperature Standard.

A Smart Flex Sensor allows you to place the sensor inside while keeping the body of the logger outside. In this application the body of the logger must remain outside of the vessel/unit. We will provide a special calibration down to LN2.

Ellab strongly suggests using our calibration lab to perform the pre and post calibration/verification for this application. In essence that makes your job easier since you would only have to rent the loggers, reader station, and laptop.

Wireless Data Logger Accessories:

Magnet Clips: Makes for easy placement of your data logger (Not for autoclaved environments)

Silicone Gripper: Our silicone gripper slides over the logger providing a square outer shell which prevents the logger from rolling around.  It also has a loop for hanging the logger.  These can be placed inside of your autoclave.


Thermocouple Based

E-Val Pro

E-Val Pro

A complete thermocouple kit could include the following: E-Val Pro, Thermocouples, Laptop, Temperature Bath, Temperature Standard.

Ellab E-Val Pro: Thermocouple based unit

Option to use your own thermocouples, or purchase thermocouples ready to go from Ellab.

Verification Equipment recommendation

All of our hardware can connect to the laptop for automated pre and post calibration/verification.

Temperature Bath: Ellab RTC 159A Dry Block:This will get you down to -100°C in a dry environment. It also goes up to 155°C in case you need the higher range. You will still need to do your LN2 as a low point, but this dry bath would eliminate the need for you to create a dewar for your -80°C point (which people typically use crushed dry ice and alcohol)

Temperature Probe: Ellab ETS25:This will read from -196°C to 420°C with an accuracy of ±0.025°C

Optional: Ellab can pre-calibrate/verify the thermocouples for you, and upon return post-calibrate/verify those thermocouples and send you a report instead of you renting the hardware to do yourself.

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