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Lyophilizer Qualifications

Lyophilizer Qualifications

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Validation equipment recommended for Autoclaves, Sterilizers and ovens

Wireless Data Loggers

TrackSense Pro Data Loggers

Ellab TrackSense Pro Temperature Loggers work from -80°C to 140°C.  We offer these with Rigid and Bendable probes.

If renting Rigid units, then the verification application note applies.  If renting bendable units, then they can be verified in our dry block temperature baths.  Either way we can still do the pre/post calibration/verification for you.
Verifying rigid units needs to take place in a liquid bath.  If you have one that is excellent.  If not, then Ellab can easily perform the pre/post calibration/verification for you.

Ellab Tracksense Pro Pressure Loggers work from 0°C to 150°C with a pressure range of 10 mBar to 6 Bar Absolute.  Pressure measuring accuracy of ±0.25% Full Scale.

Wireless Data Logger Accessories:

Silicone Gripper: Our silicone gripper slides over the logger providing a square outer shell which prevents the logger from rolling around.  It also has a loop for hanging the logger.  These can be placed inside of your autoclave.


Thermocouple Based

E-Val Pro

A complete thermocouple kit could include the following:  E-Val Pro, Thermocouples, Thermocouple Feed through Thermocouple Feedthru), Laptop, Temperature Bath, Temperature Standard.

Ellab E-Val Pro: Thermocouple based unit

Option to use your own thermocouples, or purchase thermocouples ready to go from Ellab.
Ellab Digital Pressure Sensor:  Connects directly to our E-Val Pro unit with our USB Smart Plug technology.
Pressure sensor measures from 0 to 4 Bar Absolute with an accuracy of ±6 mbar Full scale.

NPT Thread to 1.5” tri-clamp adapter
Ellab Thermocouple Feedthrough (Hotlink to Feedthrough page)

Our unit works with passing the thermocouple straight through the rubber compression materials.  There is no way to crush the thermocouple in our feedthrough.  Our unit comes with a 1” NPT threaded connection and an adapter for 1.5” tri-clamp connections.


Common Accessories:

Adapter from 1.5” tri-clamp to 2” tri-clamp
Adapter from 1.5” tri-clamp to 2.5” tri-clamp
Adapter from 1.5” tri-clamp to 3” tri-clamp
Adapter Y Fitting with 3 ports:  1.5” tri-clamp sizes which allows to connect to autoclave and have either 2 feedthroughs or 1 feedthrough and 1 pressure sensor connection
Adapter Y fitting with 4 ports (Coming Soon):  Standard Y fitting with extra port to allow 2 feedthroughs and 1 pressure sensor connected.
Clamps, Gaskets and port caps are also available.

Verification equipment recommendation:

All of our hardware can connect to the laptop for automated pre and post calibration/verification

Ellab RTC 159A Dry Block:  This will get you down to -100°C in a dry environment.  It also goes up to 155°C in case you need the higher range.
Ellab RTC 156A Dry Block:  This will go down to -30°C and up to 155°C covering the majority of the range that people perform chamber qualifications.

Temperature Probe:
Ellab ETS25:  This will read from -196°C to 420°C with an accuracy of ±0.025°C

*Optional*:  Ellab can pre-calibrate/verify the thermocouples for you, and upon return post-calibrate/verify those thermocouples and send you a report instead of you renting the hardware to do yourself.

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