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Need to Keep Your Assets Safe? Try Reliable Continuous Monitoring

Need to Keep Your Assets Safe? Try Reliable Continuous Monitoring

Protect your valuable assets, comply with regulations, and optimize your facilities with Ellab’s new Continuous Monitoring Solution for the Biopharmaceutical industry

Thomas W. Flanagan

If you’re looking to optimize the safe storage and manufacturing of your biopharmaceutical medicines, therapies, and treatments, then we have some exciting news for you: We’re launching our brand-new continuous monitoring solution.

Designed to meet strict regulations and IT requirements within the biotech and pharma industries, the new TrackView Pro and EMSuite give you all the tools you need to reliably monitor your applications and facilities.

Need Complete Data Integrity and Compliance?

You got it. All your data will be reliably stored, transmitted, and received – safe from network failures, loss, alterations, or misuse. Stay compliant and without worry, as your data is:

  • Protected and corroborated with 2-way communication
  • Securely encrypted
  • Completely without gaps for documentation and audits
  • Only available for chosen users
  • Safely documented through audit trails
  • Automatically and continuously logged without room for human error

Want to Safely Scale Your Development or Manufacturing?

No problem! With an Ellab Continuous Monitoring Solution, you can add as many rooms, chambers, applications, and facilities as you want. All your monitoring setups are neatly grouped into a single comprehensive overview, so you always know the exact conditions of your entire development and production.

If you want to add, remove, relocate, or reconfigure monitoring for a research facility or manufacturing site, it can easily be managed and configured remotely to your existing solution and overview – allowing you to scale successfully and efficiently.

Want to Safeguard Your Products and Staff?

So do we. And what better way to achieve that than through 24/7 continuous monitoring of your critical facilities and storages? With a wide range of measurable parameters, you can monitor your freezers, cold storage, clean rooms, laboratories, research facilities, refrigerators, and other applications from head to toe.

You can also customize alarms to be sent to relevant staff the moment your predefined limits are breached. These response teams can be notified via SMS, app, and/or email and be given actionable steps to safeguard your products or colleagues in time, every time.

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