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Continuous Temperature Monitoring of Anything Between -200 and +110 °C

Whether you need to monitor the temperature of your various freezers, chambers, cleanrooms or storages, there’s an Ellab monitoring solution for you. With flexible temperature transmitters and a wide array of sensors, we can easily set up the system you need. It doesn’t matter if you need to measure a single application or your entire manufacturing process, a monitoring system from Ellab can be scaled to cover as many applications or facilities as you need.

Temperature Measurements You Can Trust
All temperature sensors can be reliably factory calibrated in our accredited labs to ensure their accuracy — or user-calibrated as required — so you can rely on their readings all-year-round.


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Continuous Temperature Monitoring for Any Application

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Be Notified of Any Breach or Shift in Conditions

You can rest easy with an Ellab temperature monitoring system. All you need to do is define the acceptable temperature conditions and select your preferred alarm methods; the rest will take care of itself.

Time to Effectively Respond
Should the conditions that you define be breached, the system will notify you and/or your team immediately – so you get a chance to act and secure your products, staff, and site. You can be notified via SMS, e-mail and even the Ellab monitoring app, depending on your preferences.