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Fittings for accurate measurements
Fittings for accurate measurements

There are many factors that can impact the quality and efficiency of an industrial process, where one of the main considerations in the development of the processes, is acquiring accurate temperature measurements at the correct measuring point. In sterilization, the measuring point is typically a calculated identification of the cold spot, at which the slowest transfer of heat takes place during the process. 

The main reasons for acquiring accurate measurements are:

  • Safety –  ensuring proper microbial conditions
  • Optimization – reducing process time and cost
  • Improvement of quality – maintaining vitamins and proteins, as well as ensuring the viability of the product(s)
  • Process Validation – providing documentation to demonstrate compliance with regulations set by authorities like FDA, ISO9001, HACCP, GAMP, etc.
Correct Positioning of the Sensor

Correct Positioning of the Sensor

Correct positioning of the sensor according to the critical measurement point is of great importance in both the food and pharmaceutical/medical industries. At Ellab, we strive toward accurate measurements regardless of the application or difficulty of reaching the critical measuring point. We do this by providing custom fittings as a part of our services, in which we constantly develop new and improved fittings in order to adapt to any need or requirement within the different applications. This ensures that a wide range of compatible fittings and accessories are available for both data loggers and thermocouples.

The range of fittings and accessories include:

Fittings Lyophilization fixture Thermal Barrier Feed Through Fixation case for loggers Batteries

Lyophilization fixture
LYO Shuttle
  • Holder for vials
  • Ideal for measuring in vials and on shelfs in lyophilization processes


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Thermal Barrier
Thermal barriers for high temperature applications
  • Stainless steel of PTFE thermal barriers
  • Available in cylinder or square
  • For use in temperature areas between +200°C and +400°C
  • Keeps the data logger protected


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Feed Through
Feed-Through system for Thermocouples
  • Leak proof insertions of STC thermocouples
  • Available in two version for 20 or 40 thermocouples
  • Easy, fast and tight mounting
  • Option for mounting directly on the autoclave


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Fixation case for loggers
Fix Pro Case
  • For protecting and fixation of TrackSense Pro data loggers


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Food Industry

  • Packing glands and fittings for cans, doypacks, flatpouches, small pouches, blister pouches, containers, cartons, bottles, etc.
  • Feed-Through system
  • Spare parts
  • Custom fittings

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Packing glands for internal fixtures, glass and plastic vials, bottles, glass ampoules with breakable necks, IV bags, etc.
  • LYO shuttle for shelf measurement in Lyophilization processes
  • Contact puck for measurements of surface temperature
  • Protection and fixation cases
  • ID labels for thermocouples
  • Spare parts
  • Custom fittings

The range of accessories includes

  • Thermal barriers for high temperature applications
  • Batteries
  • Tools
  • Accessory boxes
  • O-rings
  • Logger Trays
  • Suitcases
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