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TrackSense® Pro Thermal Barriers

TrackSense® Pro Thermal Barriers

The system consists of five sizes of Thermal barriers. The barriers are designed for use in high temperature areas between +200°C and +400°C (392°F to 750°F). The characteristic of the system is that the maximum allowed process duration is limited. 
The datalogger can withstand 150°C (302°F) whereas the high temperature sensors can go up 400°C (750°F). Inserting the logger into the Thermal Barrier keeps it protected from the high temperature.

The Thermal Barriers consists of a stainless steel base cylinder in which the Thermal Barrier and the inner Thermal Barriers (2 pcs.) are placed on top of each other. The cylinder has a stainless steel lid.
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The diagram shows that at 300°C a 35mm Thermal Barrier protects the data logger for 20 minutes, a TBS protects it for 30 min, a TBF flatpack protects it for 55 minutes, a 64mm Thermal Barrier protects it for 70 minutes and a 80mm Thermal Barrier protects it for approx. 150 minutes.
At 400°C the 35mm will protect the data logger for 10 minutes, the TBS protects it for 20 min, the TBF flatpack will protect it for 40 minutes, the 64mm for 50 minutes and the 80mm for 110 minutes. It is important not to exceed the limits shown in the diagram. 
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