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CO2 Monitoring for IVF Incubators

CO2 Monitoring for IVF Incubators

Zoe Hall

Receive SMS alerts for IVF incubators – out of working hours

The Ellab environmental monitoring systems can accurately measure a multitude of parameters including CO2, temperature and humidity using accurate and reliable sensors. These are typically used within applications that require independent monitoring, such as IVF incubators. With 24/7 data collection the data can be used for regular monitoring and compliance requirements as well as real-time alarms for any breach in pre-determined parameters. We understand that it is crucial to maintain a stable environment within laboratory incubators to ensure optimum cell growth for IVF and demonstrate traceability in line with the HFEA Code of Practice. That is why Ellab provides a unique and specific, long-term solution for IVF independent system monitoring.

What sets our technology apart from the competition?

  • Combined CO2 and temperature monitoring capabilities
  • Unrivalled wireless technology (reaching up to 3km over open ground using Hanwell Pro)
  • Future-proof system that can easily be expanded as requirements grow
  • LCD display and easily changeable batteries

Hanwell Pro Wireless CO2 and Temperature Data Logger

This means you will benefit from:

  • Assistance with maintaining quality and safety of gametes and embryos
  • Reducing the risks of contamination and loss
  • Automatically recording data to reduce errors resulting from manual checks
  • Out of working hours alerts if your incubator is in alarm


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