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Adquiera el equipo de validación de Ellab y lleve a cabo estudios de validación de manera autónoma, en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar.

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Alquile el equipo de Ellab y pruebe los productos antes de comprometerse a comprar nada.

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Servicio in situ

Obtenga un servicio de calificación y validación in situ. Contamos con ingenieros de validación formados y altamente cualificados.

Ellab Dry Block Calibrators

✔ Intelligent recalibration information
✔ Intuitive, fast and user-friendly navigation
✔ Easy to carry around due to its light weight
✔ Functional carrying case for transportation (optional or included)
✔ Multi-hole insert kits covering the common sensor sizes
✔ High profile design and long lasting quality

The series of Dry Block Calibrators consists of a main cabinet with easy access to all controls, connection options, power inlet, etc.

The Dry Blocks are equipped with a solid handle for convenient and safe handling – a protective carrying case for transportation is also an option. The several different inserts were designed go deep into the temperature calibrator in order to ensure stable readings for the various sensors and probes.

All Dry Block calibrators feature portability, accuracy, speed and advanced documenting functions via the calibration software.

  • Wide temperature range: -100 to +425 °C (+700°C option)
  • The unique active dual-zone block ensures perfect temperature homogeneity in the insert, even when calibrating large or several sensors.
  • USB communication
  • High speed heating and cooling times.

The high stability throughout the entire calibration zone is achieved by using an advanced and intuitive menu-driven controller with active dual-zone heating technology, in which each heating zone is individually controlled to compensate for possible heat loss.

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