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Wireless Data Loggers with LED Alarm Indicators

Another beneficial feature of Lab loggers is the LED alarm option, which indicates the logger status during each run. This gives a real-time assurance that the product/equipment has maintained the temperature throughout the entire process.

Key Features

  • Dedicated for measuring temperature and humidity
  • With LED light to indicate warnings and logger status during the process
  • Ideal for continuous processes
Valsuite-Validation software

Software de validación ValSuite®

ValSuite® recoge y presenta los datos de validación de los sistemas de registro de datos E-Val™ Pro y TrackSense® Pro. El software puede ejecutar hasta 160 canales TrackSense o 120 canales E-Val Pro a la vez.

Características y beneficios:


Conformidad con la normativa 21 CFR parte 11 de la FDA


Opción de Windows security


Compatible con Windows 10


Disponible en varios idiomas


Múltiples opciones de informes


Aplicación de ValSuite® disponible

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