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E-Val™ Pro Sensor Interface

E-Val™ Pro Sensor Interface

To reach the required pressure accuracy described by the EN 285 norm, the E-Val Pro sensor interface can, among other things, be equipped with Ellab’s specially designed 0-4 Bar sensor. Thereby providing the required accuracy of +/- 10 mBar.

In addition to pressure measurements, the E-Val Pro Sensor Interface is the ideal solution for expanding the number of measurable parameters available for wired thermocouple systems. TrackSense Pro Data Logger sensors can be mounted on the interface, allowing it to measure Temperature, Vacuum, Relative Humidity (EtO), Conductivity and CO2, all while being connected to the E-Val Pro. 

With the ValSuite software and the Sensor Interface, the calculated parameters can be displayed on a PC and directly on the E-Val Pro display.

Using multiple sensors in conjunction with the Sensor Interface (i.e. Double, Quad or Combi sensors) is also a possibility as long as the sensor array channel(s) next to the interface are free.

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The sensors and applications shown below are mere examples of what the E-Val Pro Sensor Interface can be used to accomplish. The interface is able to use several additional sensors.

Pressure Sensor

The pressure sensors are specifically designed for sterilization or other processes in which pressure is an important parameter. The sensor is available in three different versions, covering the essential needs.

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Relative Humidity Sensor

The Relative Humidity sensor is especially ideal to determine humidity levels during the validation of warehouses, stability chambers, EtO sterilization processes and environmental chambers.

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Conductivity Sensor

Measuring conductivity is required to secure the cleanliness of water in e.g. washer disinfectors before the product can be released or transferred to a sterilizer.

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CO2 Sensor

Growing cells in vitro requires controlled and stable ambient conditions. This is why perfect incubation highly depends on measuring various parameters, this includes the amount of CO2. 

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Technical Specifications



TrackSense Pro Sensors

Communication Protocol


Operating Temperature:

-40 to +125 °C

Operating Pressure:

0.001 mBar to 10 Bar


Stainless Steel 316L

Vacuum, CO2 and Relative Humidity (EtO) Senor Requirements:

Connection via 4-Channel Sensor Array

Temperature, Pressure, Relative Humidity, Relative Humidity (EtO/Stability)
and Conductivity Sensor Requirements:

Connection via 4 or 12-Channel Sensor Array


ValSuite 5.1 or later


1/2" or 3/4" thread adaptors


Stored in interface until the sensor is changed

Sample Rate:

1 sec. to 24 hours

E-Val Pro Main Firmware Requirements: or later

Array Firmware Requirements:

1.12 or later


Operating Temperature:

-40 to +70 °C


5 m


4 mm



Plug Type:


Thread Adaptors
Thread Adaptors

Optional thread adaptors for ½” and ¾” feed through systems for chambers.

The stainless steel adaptors are placed onto the ‘female’ threads on the outside of the process (e.g. autoclaves), thereby offering accurate measuring along with a tightly sealed and safe connection.

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