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Temperature controlled logistics

Due to the consequences of incorrectly stored drugs, the storage conditions must be seamlessly maintained during transportation. Using a traceability system for transportation of temperature-sensitive products ensures a closed-loop record of data for compliance.

While maintaining cargo temperatures at optimum levels is the responsibility of the shipping services, manufacturers are responsible for ensuring all parties understand their products environmental requirements. Additionally, there is a need to understand the risks involved once out of the manufacturers direct control, including costs for replacement of products should something go wrong.

Knowing if and/or when something has gone wrong during the period of transport could prevent detrimental damage further down the supply chain. This can be helped by utilizing temperature monitoring products alongside critical cargo.

Cold Storage & Distribution centres

Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GDP) are recognized worldwide and the need for accurate temperature mapping followed by continuous monitoring is critical to maintain optimum conditions for temperature-sensitive products.


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Choose the right technology for the journey

Choosing the right temperature monitoring technology may depend on several factors:

  • Length of the journey (longer journeys may require more event records)
  • Technology restrictions (flight mode requirements)
  • How often data is required (end of the journey or throughout)
  • Whether the data is to be integrated to existing software
  • Multiple measurement requirements
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Ellab offers multiple options for temperature and humidity monitoring whether it’s for long-distance journeys using transport data loggers or GSM loggers that can transmit data to software for frequent alerts. All units can be easily transferred to the EMS software that is often used within Cold Storage facilities for a comprehensive and closed-loop and gap-free solution throughout the cold chain.


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Ensure the Safety of Your Vaccines

Read our eBook on 3 Ways to Safeguard Vaccines Throughout the Cold Chain

With the Covid-19 pandemic raging, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Several companies have now reported successful Covid-19 vaccines that will soon be ready for distribution.

While this is amazing news, a cold chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Keeping a consistently low temperature is crucial for some vaccines and could cause detrimental damage to product quality if not maintained during transportation and storage.

At Ellab, we specialize in temperature mapping services as well as equipment for validation, qualification and monitoring of warehouses, chambers, freezers and cold chains.

To help with the pandemic and ensure patient safety, we have created an eBook on 3 ways to Safeguard Vaccines Throughout the Cold Chain. We hope that this eBook will assist with:

  1. Identifying key questions to ask suppliers when you’re looking for your ideal temperature equipment and services
  2. Examples of industry leading solutions
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EMS Software Reports

Cold Chain

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Temperature & Humidity
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