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A History to be Proud of

Today Ellab offers the most comprehensive validation and monitoring product portfolio available on the market, thanks to the experience accumulated throughout years of close customer relationships.

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2020 - Today

In August 2021, Ellab launched its Sustainability initiative with both short and long term goals to become more environmentally friendly and promote a more inclusive a diverse workplace.

Ellab acquires Valcom in August 2021, a Dutch company specialized in thermal qualification and validation services in the Benelux region.

In the spring of 2021, Peter Krogh stepped down from his operational responsibilities as CEO and instead assumed the role as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ellab A/S as well as joining the board of the Holding Company. Ludvig Enlund, COO, was appointed CEO of Ellab.

Ellab expanded in Denmark with the acquisition of PEC in early 2021. PEC specializes in solution engineering, GMP consulting and project management for thermal qualification and validation.

In December 2020, Ellab launched the most innovative data logger for freeze drying in TrackSense LyoPro.

In May 2020, Ellab acquired the Irish thermal qualification and validation service company, QualUs.

Ellab expanded its presence in the DACH market with the acquisition of Adsano in April 2020. The thermal qualification, validation and calibration service company had two locations, one in Southern Germany and another Switzerland.

In January of 2020, Ellab announced its acquisition of ITL. The Irish company specializes in the supply of instrument products and services to the life science industry.

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2010 - 2020

In August 2019, Ellab announced that EQT would take over ownership of Ellab from IK Investment Partners.

Ellab announced the acquisition of Hanwell Solutions Ltd. in June 2019. Solidifying Ellab as an important supplier of monitoring solutions and officially changing the company tagline to Validation & Monitoring Solutions.

SteriSense®, the newest electronic Bowie Dick testing device on the market was launched by Ellab in May 2019.

In January 2019, Ellab introduced its brand-new TrackSense® Pro 3rd Generation series of data loggers, elevating the TrackSense series even higher!

The 20th of December 2018, Ellab acquired FASINT and FASLAB in Italy. Ellab’s new Italy office is located in Milano.
In December 2018, Ellab launched its brand new Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor for our TrackSense® series as a highly efficient replacement of Ellab’s previous RH sensors.

In September 2018, Ellab released its new 8 Bar Pressure Sensor for TrackSense® Pro. The high range pressure sensor is ideal for pasteurization applications with its state of the art piezoresistive sensor technology.

In early September 2018, Ellab released two versions of a new CO2 sensor for CO2 incubator applications. The sensor was followed suit by a new Basic L logger, which allows the CO2 sensor to run at maximum capacity.

In February 2018, the brand new Thermocouple Sensor for TrackSense® Pro data loggers was launched specially designed for freeze drying applications. The first-of-its-kind sensor is the only sensor for data loggers that can be equipped with a wide range of thermocouple sensors.

In August 2017, Ellab launched a new branch, Ellab Fzco in Dubai. This allows Ellab to be closer to the valuable customers in the Middle Eastern regions.

Since August 17, 2016 Ellab is owned by IK VIII Fund managed by IK Investment Partners. (
May 1st 2016 Ellab Benelux BV is established. Ellab Benelux BV is situated in Hengelo, Netherlands.

In May 2015 the Rugged temperature flexible sensor was introduced.

In March 2015 E-Val Pro a new wired system was introduced.

In November 2014 the Pro XL logger was introduced.

In November 2014 the Vacuum sensor was introduced.

In October 2014 the Compact UX logger was introduced.

In March 2014 Ellab introduced the thin high temperature sensor.

In November 2013 the TrackSense Pro Micro Pressure/Temperature logger was introduced. At the same time the sky Access Point was updated.

In April 2013 the Compact X Logger is introduced. The Compact X Logger has an expanded temperature range and it can be used down to -50°C.

In February 2013 a new Pressure Sensor design for the TrackSense Pro logger series is introduced.

In January 2013 the new Multi Reader Station for the TrackSense Pro products is introduced. At the same time a new High Temperature Semi Flexible Sensor with a thin sensor, is also introduced.

In spring 2012 a number of sensors were introduced, including a new Relative Humidity sensor for the EtO market, the SmartFlex Sensor which is a flexible (PTFE) sensor, and the SmartFlex and Semi Flex sensors for Compact and Frigo Loggers.

In January 2012 the Frigo Logger is introduced. The Frigo Logger is developed for very cold and long-term stability applications. The Logger can work continuously in temperatures down to -90°C in up to 13 months.

In September 2011 the Semi Flexible Sensors for TrackSense Pro is updated, and the diameter is reduced to 1.5 mm.

In May 2011 a conductivity sensor is also introduced, which is developed for cleaning applications.

In May 2011 a new version of the ETI system is introduced. The system includes both temperature and pressure as measuring parameters.

In April 2011 the 2. generation of the Mini Logger is introduced. The new Mini Logger is smaller, has a larger memory, a longer battery life and a smaller sensor diameter.

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In October 2010, the TrackSense Pro sensor with 4 measuring points is introduced. The sensor is used to determine temperature differences at different depths/heights. At the same time the Compact logger is introduced.

In September 2010, the 4 channel flexible sensor for the LAB Logger is introduced. The sensor is primarily used when validating washer disinfectors at Hospitals.

In 2010, Ellab Metrology Laboratory for temperature calibration was accredited according to ISO17025.

Ellab celebrated its sixtieth anniversary in May 2009.

In recent years, Ellab has experienced a significant growth, and decided to build a new headquarter in Hilleroed, north of Copenhagen. At the end of January 2009 Ellab moved to our brand new headquarter to the delight of the entire Ellab Group.
Ellab Temperature Indicator -ETI – is introduced in October 2008.

The new TrackSense Pro Sky concept with radio frequency (RF) data transmission is introduced in August 2008.

In November 2007, the new ValSuite Pro software, version is released. Simultaneously the new PyroMon Software, version 2.9.3 is released.

In September 2007, the Ellab Academy for customers and distributors is established.

The construction of our new company facilities begins in September 2007.
In December 2006 the new TrackSense Pro Flexible sensor is introduced.

In November 2006, Ellab has been awarded the AAA-Diploma from D&B.

In October 2006, the TrackSense Pro Micro Rotation logger for applications where size is an issue is introduced.

In January 2006, Plant Service Company – Ellab distributor in Japan – establishes a Metrology Laboratory to serve the Japanese market.
In January 2006, the Ellab Temperature Standard (ETS) for extreme accurate temperature calibrations is introduced.

Due to lack of room at our present facilities, Ellab A/S and Ellab Holding decided during 2005 to build new company facilities and acquired a site in Hillerød, 25 km from Copenhagen – direction North. The relocation of Ellab A/S took place in the beginning of 2009.

The TrackSense Pro X logger, which is superb for freeze drying (lyophilization) is introduced in September 2005. It has an operational range from -80 °C to +150 °C.

In August 2005, Ellab introduced the new monitoring system – TrackView. A cost effective solution to maintain compliance and control of your laboratory, production and stability monitoring requirements.

In May 2005, Ellab introduced the flexible solution in real-time thermal validation – E-Val Flex.

In October 2004, Ellab GmbH establishes the Metrology Laboratory to serve the German market.

In September 2004, Ellab Inc. moves to new and larger premises in the southern part of Denver, USA. TrackSense Pro Micro Pressure Logger is introduced and a new generation of the ValSuite 2.0 software is released.

In August 2004, the ownership of Ellab A/S is changed. Ellab Holding has reduced its ownership from 100% to 40% of the shares. The new shareholders are Conectivo Holding ApS and Krogh Invest ApS, each with 30% of the shares.

In June 2004, TrackSense for Laboratories is introduced worldwide.

In March 2004, Ellab is ISO certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001:2000

In 2003/2004, Ellab proceed with large investments in research and development and expand the organisation continously in accordance with market demand.

In December 2003, Ellab acquires the automation company MS Control and integrates it into Ellab R&D department.

In July 2003, TrackSense Pro Mini Logger is introduced worldwide to applications where themal size and mass is critical.

In November 2002, Ellab goes direct in France. A new Marketing, Sales & Service company is created in France. ELLAB S.A.R.L., a fully owned subsidiary in France. Situated in Compiegne, close to Paris, the new company has taken over marketing, sales and service of ELLAB Validation Equipment in France from ETS. Stock France.

In October 2002, Ellab has a new corporate design and a new homepage.

In June 2002, the new wireless data logger TrackSense Pro is being delivered to the market. The TrackSense Pro is developed according to GAMP4 and is fully compliant to CFR 21, Part 11.

In March 2002, the Denver location establishes the Metrology Laboratory to serve the US market.

In August 2001, the calibration program is in place with new optimized baths as the temperature sensors from Ellab are more and more accurate, thus requirering more stable baths.

In May 2001, the E-Val software 2.10 is launched. This product is close to fulfill the requirements of CFR 21, Part 11.

In March 2001, The Report Writer is launched to the market. This product is a sophisticated report generator for the customers who need specific information added with statistics.

In September 2000, Ellab A/S acquires the remaining 25% shares in Ellab Inc. from PHF Specialists Inc. In January 2001 Ellab Inc. moves to Denver, Colorado.

In July 2000, Ellab GmbH is established close to Bremen/Hamburg in Germany. Ellab GmbH handles sales and service in Germany and Austria.

In 2000, Ellab establishes a dedicated service and calibration team and begins to deliver all equipment with certificates. A new advanced metrology laboratory is installed and Ellab now has 2 laboratories and 4 full-scale calibration lines. Calibration from -80 to +400 degrees Celcius is now possible.

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1990 - 2000

In August 1999 Peter Krogh assumes the position of president and CEO of Ellab A/S.

In July 1999 Hans Jørgen Leo Nielsen resigned as president of Ellab A/S in order to concentrate on the family’s and the foundation´s financial and real estate activities. Hans Jørgen Leo Nielsen continues to serve as member of the board of directors.

In April 1998 Ellab Holding A/S is founded as a fully owned subsidiary of the Ellab foundation. The new holding company is established in order to enable Ellab A/S to focus on its primary business and all real estate and financial activities are transferred to this business unit. At the same time Ellab A/S became a fully owned subsidiary of Ellab Holding A/S. As part of the new setup a new board of directors with recognized professionals was established in Ellab A/S.

In June 1997 Ellab Philippines Corp. is founded.

In 1996 the E-Val system is introduced. E-Val is designed for thermal process validation in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The E-Val system is a cable-based system that consists of modules for real time collection of temperature, pressure, relative humidity, deflection and rotation. The modules are connected in a network that can handle up to 80 channels and the data is collected in a PC-based software for further evaluation.

In 1996 Ellab A/S becomes ISO9003 certified for its production of medical Thermistor probes.

In September 1995 Ellab Inc. is founded in San Jose, California, USA as a joint venture with PHF specialists Inc. Ellab A/S with 75%, is the primary shareholder.

In 1994 Ellab introduces the TrackSense wireless data logger that can be exposed to temperatures from -40 to +140. The TrackSense loggers are uniquely designed with interchangeable sensors for temperature, pressure, relative humidity and rotation. The PC software further allows the logger data to be incorporated with data from the cable based-systems.
PCSOFT92 is further developed into the PCLINK92 software package that can collect data from the CMC821, CTF9004 and CTF9008 cable based systems. Later the same software is used as the basis for the TSSOFT software for TrackSense.

In 1992 Ellab develops its first PC-based system, the CMC92. The CMC92 is designed for thermal process validation in the food and pharmaceutical industries. By means of multiplexing the system could collect real time data from temperature, pressure, relative humidity, rotation and for the first time deflection in the same data files. The PCSOFT92 software package, which runs on a DOS platform, can handle up to 96 channels.

Towards the end of 1991 the CTF84 was replaced by CTF9004/08 a 4 or 8 channel terminal with processor, LCD-display and build-in printer. CTF9004 measures temperature from -100 to +350 degrees Celsius and can work on batteries as well as through mains power supply. The CTF9004 is sold in large numbers to the food industry worldwide and is still actively sold and highly regarded instrument.

In 1991 Ellab introduces its first PC based Pyrogen program, including a relationship database for handling of rabbits and tests.

In 1990 Ellab installs its first metrology laboratory with certified reference instruments for calibration of temperature probes/sensors and recording equipment.

Since the fifties Ellab has continued to improve the quality and precision of its temperature probes/sensors. In the beginning of the 1990’s Ellab develops special probes for advanced research measurements.


In 1985 the HFM86 and DM876 Clinical Monitoring thermometers are developed. These are designed to measure and display 8 temperatures simultaneously, and are used with the unique selection of very accurate thermocouple probes for hypothermia therapy, open-heart surgery, etc. They could also be connected to a computer.

In 1982 the extremely thin flexible 6 and 8-point multipoint probes for hypothermic oncology are introduced. With these it is possible to map the temperatures in a tumour and the surrounding tissues during cancer treatment.

In 1981 Ellab A/S introduces the CMC821, with programmable processor, display and printer, to the food industry. At the time the CMC821 is very advanced and it quickly becomes the industry standard and is sold in large numbers over the next 10 to 12 years.

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In 1979 the APT24 with processor is introduced to the medical industry as the first automated Pyrogen test equipment.

In 1978 the Z9CTF is replaced by the very advanced and compact Z4FD, which is capable of calculating F-values on 4 channels and can measure pressure and rotation. The Z4FD can register manually inputted limit values for temperature and F-values. It also has switches so it is possible to control the process according to the limit values.

In May 1978 the Ellab foundation is established and all shares in Ellab A/S are transferred into the foundation. In 1978 came the very thin thermocouple probe A-K20 for measuring in the myocardium during open-heart surgery. It is used together with the DU3-S precision thermometer for monitoring the temperature of patients, flow, oxygenator, etc.

In 1975 the first electronic digital thermometer and Fo-value calculator CTD/FDQ is developed. The sterilization values can now be calculated with a much better accuracy than by the manual method.

In 1973 the first digital thermometers DU-X for remote temperature measurements for intensive care and recovery room patients are introduced. These can be used as single instruments or in a system of up to 10 patients.

In 1971 Ellab introduces the Z9CTF, which is a 6-channel recorder with thermocouple probes. As a world first the Z9CTF is capable of calculating F-values. Z9CTF is sold in large numbers over the next 6-7 years.
In 1970 Elektrolaboratoriet A/S, which now has 40 employees, changes its name to Ellab A/S.

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In 1967 a portable and bedside surveillance system for hospitals is launched. This system contains modules for temperature, pulse, respiration rate, blood pressure and recorder and cardio scope for collecting and displaying the data.

In 1965 the company introduces the world´s first temperature recorder TRRD6 based on resistance measurements for medical use. In the following years, the TRRD6 is further developed as the Z8 series with 6 and 12 channels.

In 1961 Elektrolaboratoriet A/S moves to Rødovre just 7 km from the centre of Copenhagen. The company now has 20 employees.

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In 1956 TEC – a 4-channel thermometer designed for temperatures between -40 and 130 degrees Celsius is developed for use in sterilization processes in the food industry.

One of the first products is developed in 1950 and named TE3. TE3 is a 2-channel thermometer designed for temperatures between 16 and 45 degrees Celsius. This product is sold in large numbers to customers all over the world for the next 20 years.

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