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Ellab Whistleblower Scheme

Transparency and accountability are crucial parts of being an honest and progressive company; to reach this level of trust, we have implemented the Ellab Whistleblower Scheme. Our whistleblower scheme is handled by a third party system, WhistleSystem APS, to ensure a completely secure and anonymous process for the whistleblower.

The Ellab Whistleblower Scheme follows the EU Directive 2019/1937.

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When Should I use the Whistleblower Scheme?

If you experience or witness serious misconduct or offences in relation to Ellab, we encourage you to use the whistleblower scheme. While reporting issues to your manager, contact person or HR always remain the first option, we understand that some issues are too sensitive and may require anonymity.

What is Reportable?
Reportable subjects include, but are not limited to:

• Sexism
• Sexual assault
• Physical violence
• Discrimination
• Economic crime
• Workplace safety
• Consumer protection
• Product safety
• Breach of procurement legislation
• Breach of GDPR legislation
• Breach of environmental legislation
• Money laundering

What is not Reportable?
The whistleblower scheme can and should only be used to repot serious misconduct or violations. Subjects such as cooperation difficulties, dissatisfaction with facilities or dissatisfaction with conditions cannot be reported through the scheme; we encourage such issues to be reported to relevant Ellab personnel.

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How do I File a Whistleblower Report?

Simply access the link to the Ellab Whistleblower Scheme and fill out the form with all the necessary information and documentation. The anonymous report will then be sent to the administrator team.

Once a report has been submitted, a unique ID will appear that should be saved. This ID will allow you to reopen your report to review the status, start an anonymous dialog, send further documentation and answer clarifying questions posed by the administrator team. After filing your report, we encourage you to log in regularly to respond to any follow-up questions.

Who can File a Report?

Reports can be submitted by all Ellab employees and relevant stakeholders.

Who has Access to my Report?
Ellab has appointed the following members to its administrator team:

  • Chairman of the Board – Bo Risberg
  • CEO – Ludvig Enlund
  • VP HR – Jan Fledelius
File a Whistleblower report
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How is my Report Processed?

The reports are safely and anonymously handled by the Ellab administrator team:

  1. The administrator team will notify the whistleblower that the report has been received (within 7 days)
  2. The administration team assesses and categorizes the report and conducts an initial investigation. At this stage, the administration team may require additional information or documentation from the whistleblower through the system
  3. The processing of the report is based on the type and severity of the report. Initially, the report is processed internally, however, in case of particularly severe misconduct or violations, the authorities can be involved in the investigation
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How do I know my Report is Secure and Anonymous?

All reports are completely anonymous as the report doesn’t require your name or any personal details. Additionally, the third party system ensures that all your information is encrypted and that no IP addresses are logged when reporting.

Your report is also secured within ISO27001 approved servers and require a multifactor login functionality to be performed by the selected administrators.

What About Retaliation?

The directive states that whistleblowers cannot be punished for reporting misconduct or violations. This means that there will be no private nor career consequences following a report. Ellab’s whistleblower policy aims to encourage greater transparency and security for employees and stakeholders – and we therefore value the courage of those who speak up.

Read the full Whistleblower policy

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