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Our Science Based Target Has Been Approved!

Download our report from the SBTi approving our ambitious targets for ensuring environmentally friendly practices!

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Together we Build Confidence in Consumer Safety

At Ellab, we understand the importance of safety for consumers of medicines, vaccines, foods, beverages and healthcare, and our core purpose is to advise, support and supply our customers with solutions that improve the quality of life for everyone.

Long has Ellab been listening and working together with our customers to provide you with the best qualification, validation and monitoring solutions, that help ensure consumer safety within food and life science applications.

But for our purpose to remain true, we must also do our part to make the world a safer place now, and for future generations.

1. Share of potential healthcare and pharma sites using our solutions to protect the consumer or patient
2. Average of all Ellab pharma customers.

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Increasing Quality While Decreasing Waste

Even though all Ellab’s factories are ISO 14001 certified and without any smoking chimneys, there’s still plenty of things that can be done to help reduce waste. By default, our solutions help optimize large production processes, thereby reducing energy consumption – and when it comes to our own production sites, we continue to improve our recycling capabilities, increase the number of green/local suppliers and innovate our products to reduce battery consumption.

3. Greenhouse gases and water usage – data for UK and HQ (DK) factories
4. Recycled waste – data HQ (DK) factory

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Letting our Values Guide the Way

The Ellab family lives and breathes its values, and that means that while reducing emissions and waste is a necessity, it’s not enough. Being a sustainable company is more than just being green. It also means ensuring decent jobs, equal opportunities, antidiscrimination and corruption policies, good employee health and much more. All of the areas we feel strongly about and work to improve every day.

With over 70 years of innovation experience, we’re a company that strives to embrace change. We therefore welcome the sustainable development goals set by the UN to provide a clear pathway to improve and continue our growth.

5. Gender diversity
6. Ambition is to stay above 60 as we continue to grow

Ellab is dedicated to supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals


Reaching Sustainable Goals Together

In addition to the wide array of sustainable changes already in place, Ellab will continue to take further steps together with:

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Our recruiters

to ensure a diverse workforce representative of the environment we work in

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Our partners

to ensure job security during tough times, like with Covid-19

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to expand our career opportunities to provide a clear path forward for all

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Our sales and service teams

to provide an increase in remote services and training to reduce travel emissions

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Our production team

to recycle waste, use green energy and design products for circular economy

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to increase the number of green/local suppliers

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to further optimize Ellab hardware to reduce battery consumption

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Our marketing department

to reduce commercial print and increase the use of sustainable merchandise

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Do you have a question?