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Get a Dedicated Partner with Ellab

At Ellab, our focus is to work with our customers. We often work directly through your QMS system and tools to ensure that we deliver projects that live up to your expectations.

Projects run within Ellab focus on transparency through the alignment of scope, close cooperation and clear risk assessments.

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Our Experiences Include

  • Defining project scope and quoting the estimated costs and timelines
  • Directing resources on daily task management
  • Ensuring that adequate resources are available throughout the project timeframe
  • Collaboration, supplier selection, driving timely decisions and problem resolution
  • Building software tools to track and communicate project and task status
  • Identifying and communicating deviations and adverse events in a timely manner
  • Performing data analysis and error-checks throughout the project timeline
  • Managing project scope changes
  • Ensuring that all team members maintain all training requirements at all times
  • Celebrating project successes and building team morale and motivation
  • And more…
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Why use an Ellab Project Manager?

Having an Ellab Project Manager on your life science project ensures a smooth, effective and efficient flow of tasks. The Project Manager provides leadership throughout the project to maintain project momentum and accelerate task completion.

Communication is Key
The Project Manager communicates with many Subject Matter Experts, both internal and external, to reduce delays to a minimum and quickly identifying bottlenecks and roadblocks. Ellab Project Managers are required to have excellent communication skills to ensure that everyone working and overseeing the project are aware of the status and issues without delay.

A Win for You is a Win for Us

The Project Manager helps keep people motivated by encouraging and celebrating successes and milestones – recognizes those responsible for project wins.

Eliminate Mistakes and Optimize Your Process
While mistakes and errors are part of every process, your assigned Project Manager will help build methods and tools to reduce errors to a minimum. Through self and peer reviews, mistakes and errors will quickly be identified, and Corrective Actions will be taken.

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