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Why Compliance of Cold Storage and Freezers Matters

Pharmaceutical and biotech products are sensitive and require optimal storage. Cold storage and freezers are crucial for product stability, with specific temperature ranges for storage and transportation. By complying with FDA and GMP regulations, you prevent costly recalls, reduce waste, and prioritize patient safety.

Boost Efficiency and Safety Through Validation and Monitoring

To achieve success in cold storage and freezer operations, it’s crucial to prioritize compliance and maintenance. By implementing strict validation and monitoring processes, you ensure a reliable storage environment and reduce the risk of errors and loss of products. This commitment also allows you to increase the efficiency of your cold storage processes, as it allows you to identify key areas that can be approved.

Validation and Monitoring for Different Cold Storage Needs:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Ultra-low temperature freezers
  • Cryogenic storage and liquid nitrogen
  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Cold rooms or environmental chambers

Ensure Compliance and Save Costs with a Streamlined Cold Storage Validation Process

Validation and temperature mapping of cold storage and freezers are crucial for maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and ensuring product stability.


Temperature mapping provides a detailed temperature profile of the unit, which helps identify any hot or cold spots within the unit to determine whether the temperature is within an acceptable range.


Drastically Increase the Speed and Reliability of Your Cold Storage Validation

Unlock up to three times faster validation of your cold storage and freezers with Ellab’s solutions – so you can meet your deadlines and reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. Achieve unparalleled reliability and precision with our advanced data loggers, thermocouples, and FDA-compliant software.


Our experts can help tailor the ideal solution to ensure efficient validation, so you can save valuable time and remain compliant.

Validation Solutions

Protect Your Valuable Cold Storage Processes With Reliable Expertise & CQV Services

Regular maintenance and validation of cold storage and freezers are crucial to compliance. Temperature mapping plays a vital role in identifying potential areas for adjustments or repairs, ensuring that these units always maintain their intended temperature range.


At Ellab, we’re experts at commissioning, qualification, validation, and temperature mapping of cold storage and freezers. Our experienced team ensures that your processes meet regulatory requirements and operate at optimal performance levels, so your processes are good to go. We also offer field calibration services, ensuring accurate results, every time.


Successfully Scale and Achieve Process Excellence With Ellab’s GMP Consulting & Project Management

In addition to our field services, Ellab offers project management and GMP consulting services. These services can help you scale from research to production, optimize your processes, schedule validations and calibrations, and more. Our team of experts can provide you with guidance on compliance, validation, monitoring, and good manufacturing practices of cold storage and freezers, so your systems always function optimally and meet all regulatory requirements.

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Keep Your Cold Storage Safe With Reliable Temperature Monitoring

Your pharmaceutical and biotech products rely on precise temperature control. Deviations can risk their quality and safety, leading to costly consequences. That’s why continuous monitoring of your cold storage and freezers is crucial. It keeps your products within the optimal temperature range and reduces risks of recalls, wastage, and compromised safety.


Ensure Complete Compliance and Data Integrity When Monitoring Your Cold Storage and Freezers

Stay on top of your cold storage and freezers with easy-to-use monitoring solutions from Ellab. Enjoy a real-time temperature and humidity overview with instant alerts for complete peace of mind.


Designed for data integrity and to meet regulations, our monitoring solutions provide stability and compliance for your valuable products. Simplify your monitoring process and unlock the full potential of your cold storage and freezers.

Monitoring Solutions


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