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Fulfill All Your Chamber and Storage Monitoring Needs with One Simple Setup

Regardless of the size of your facility, the kind of measuring parameters you need, or the type of storage or processes that you want to monitor – we have the perfect solution for you in our TrackView Pro monitoring equipment and EMSuite monitoring software.

With our continuous monitoring solution, you get a scalable and FDA compliant setup for 24/7 monitoring of your entire manufacturing and storage process. All of it is neatly tucked into the comprehensive software overview that’ll let you keep an eye on anything from a single application to multiple sites.

Should anything go wrong, your desired team members will immediately be alerted – giving them the time they need to correct the error and safeguard your assets.

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Keep your assets safe by monitoring your environment and facilities with Ellab's reliable monitoring solutions. Watch our video to find out more.

4 Ways Ellab Monitoring Can Make a Difference for You

1. Preserve Your Assets 1. Preserve Your Assets

With several fail-safes in place, you can rest assured that your products and samples are always kept at the conditions necessary to keep them safe and reliable.

2. Ensure Data Integrity 2. Ensure Data Integrity

Data integrity for us is simple: Secure and without gaps. Risking the loss of valuable assets because an alarm never went off due to the loss of data is a thing of the past.

3. Act in Time, Every Time 3. Act in Time, Every Time

Avoid alarm fatigue and manual management of alarm response. With intelligent alarms and action cards, your team will know exactly what’s happening and what to do, every time.

4. Be Inspection Ready 4. Be Inspection Ready

Spend your time on conclusions and actions instead of gathering data and building reports. With complete data and automatic reporting, you’ll be ready for any audit or inspection.

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Environmental Monitoring for Your Biopharmaceutical Applications

With TrackView Pro and EMSuite, you get a continuous environmental monitoring solution designed for the strict conditions within pharma and biotech – ensuring that you stay compliant with FDA, GAMP, and internal regulations and guidelines.

Reliably monitor your:

  • Fridges and freezers.
  • Cold rooms.
  • Ovens.
  • Cleanrooms.
  • Liquid nitrogen tanks (LN2).
  • Blood banks.
  • Warehouses and storage rooms.
  • Labs and research facilities.
  • Environmental- and stability chambers.
  • Incubators.
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Manage Your Environmental Data and Alarms Whenever and Wherever You Need

Monitoring the relevant parameters and gathering data is only half the battle – the other is having a setup that allows you to use and manage it effectively. Luckily, Ellab’s monitoring solutions cover both, giving you all the tools that you need to ensure optimal environmental conditions:

  • Easily manage and control your sensor groups, zones, and user access.
  • Stay on top of the state of your applications with alarm, reporting, and analytical tools.
  • Gain an overview of current and historical data with interactive graphs, tables, and plan views.
  • Address issues wherever and whenever by accessing alarms & live data via browser or our app.
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Do you have a question?