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What Is Temperature Mapping and Why Is It Important?

Temperature mapping involves using wireless data loggers or thermocouples to monitor and record temperature and humidity levels at various points in a given environment, such as freezers, ovens, or storage areas. This data is then analyzed to identify areas of temperature deviation or hotspots, allowing you to take corrective action and maintain product quality.

Temperature mapping is critical for industries such as biotech and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, where even small temperature variations can compromise product safety and quality. Well-documented validation processes are crucial for FDA and GxP compliance, and a large chunk of those processes usually involve temperature mapping.

By using Ellab’s temperature mapping services, you can ensure that your products are processed, tested, and stored at the correct temperature and humidity levels, minimizing your risk of product loss or damage.

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Perform temperature mapping 3 times faster with Ellab equipment

Temperature Mapping Services for Pharma and Biotech

At Ellab, we understand the critical role that temperature mapping plays in ensuring product safety and compliance. That’s why we offer comprehensive temperature mapping services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our experienced engineers work closely with clients to ensure that all mapping is conducted accurately and efficiently, to help you meet regulatory requirements and protect your products from loss or damage.


We offer a full-service turn-key solution by providing equipment, writing protocols, supplying engineers, and completing summary report packages – to ultimately help you complete your qualifications up to three times faster than competitors.


Humidity Mapping Services: Key to Ensuring Product Efficacy

In addition to temperature mapping, humidity mapping services can provide crucial insights into relative humidity levels, which are equally important for product stability and efficacy. With Ellab humidity mapping services, we can help you identify areas where humidity levels deviate from ideal conditions, enabling you to act and safeguard your products.


Want to know how we can help you with temperature and humidity mapping? Get your free non-committal consultation with Ellab today.


Seasonal Temperature Mapping Services: Protecting Your Products All Year Round

Don’t let seasonal temperature fluctuations compromise the quality of your products. Ensure the safety and compliance of your valuable treatments and products all year round with our seasonal warehouse temperature mapping services.


Winter Warehouse Temperature Mapping

In winter, warehouses and storage areas can become very cold, which can lead to damage or spoilage of products. It is essential to monitor the temperature levels in these areas to ensure that they do not fall below the recommended levels. By conducting winter warehouse temperature mapping, you can identify areas of temperature deviation or cold spots and make necessary adjustments. For example, you may need to adjust heating systems or move products to warmer areas of the warehouse.


Summer Warehouse Temperature Mapping

Monitoring warehouse temperature and humidity levels is crucial to keep stored products safe. With summer warehouse temperature mapping services, you’ll have all the information you’ll need to implement necessary preventative actions like adjusting your cooling systems or moving products to cooler areas of the warehouse – keeping your products safe for use throughout the warm summer months.


Humidity and Temperature Mapping Equipment and Software

If you need reliable temperature and humidity mapping equipment and software, Ellab has got you covered. We offer a range of solutions designed to help you meet industry regulations and guidelines, including FDA, GxP, MHRA, UKAS, ISO, and BRC. Our data loggers and thermocouples are engineered to withstand harsh environments and provide accurate and reliable data, ensuring that your products are stored and transported at the correct temperature and humidity levels.


Quickly Identify Deviations and Ensure Product Integrity

Our validation software solution offers easy data analysis and report generation, allowing you to identify and view temperature deviations in graphs and 3D heat maps. This provides a complete overview of the entire storage area or chamber, so you can maintain the highest standards of product safety and efficiency.


Need humidity or temperature mapping equipment? See more about our wireless data loggers, wired validation solution, and validation software here.


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Temperature and Humidity Mapping Services for Any Application

No matter your biotechnology or pharmaceutical needs, we provide reliable humidity and temperature mapping services for a range of applications, such as:

  • Stability chambers and rooms for drugs and vaccines.
  • Control temperature units (CTUs) like freezers, cryogenic storage, and cold rooms.
  • Medical device storage and warehouses.
  • Blood and tissue storage.
  • Lyophilization (freeze-drying).
  • Cell culture incubation.
  • Sterilization processes.
  • API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) storage.
  • And many, many more…

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