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Simplify and Correctly Document Your Validation Process

The E-Val Pro Plus wired validation solution is designed for validation applications in life science that require compliance with FDA guidelines and international GMP standards.

It’s ideal for Temperature Controlled Units (TCUs, CTUs) with an extreme temperature range or where real-time measurements are needed, like:

  • Ultra Low Temperature Areas
    E.g. Liquid Nitrogen Containers for the cryopreservation of living cell material at -196 °C, or Freezers.
  • High Temperature Areas
    E.g. Heat Tunnels / Dry Heat Sterilization (for Depyrogenation – in the range of +180 to 300 °C).
  • Sterilization in Place
    For SIPs at +121 °C, because you have a real-time measurement with a cycle rate of one second. Especially at initial qualifications where you can observe the measurement and react if something isn’t going as planned.
  • Autoclaves
    For real time measurements in Steam Sterilization Processes at 121 to 134 °C.
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4 Ways Ellab Wired Validation System Can Make a Difference for You:

1. Reliability 1. Reliability

Eliminate data gaps and avoid redoing studies and instead experience precise measurements and thorough analysis of your processes.

2. Versatility 2. Versatility

Measure temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2, and beyond, utilizing the flexibility of E-Val Pro Plus to elevate your processes to new heights.

3. Efficiency 3. Efficiency

Reduce time-to-market and downtime with automated setups, analysis, and clear pass/fail reporting, keeping your processes reliable, stable, and audit ready.

4. Compliance 4. Compliance

Ensure compliance with a wired solution that offers reliable analysis and reporting for critical processes without risking your data.

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Temperature Validation Equipment with Interchangeable Sensors

The E-Val Pro Plus module is equipped with 52 individual sensor inputs for thermocouples or analog/digital inputs – so you can take advantage of a wide temperature range and different measurement parameters.

The traceable and interchangeable thermocouples comprise of a smart USB connector with in-built cold junction compensation. Each connector maintains the calibration offsets reducing the pre and post calibration time and efforts, so nothing is lost if you need to change sensors.

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Other Measuring Parameters for E-Val™ Pro Plus

Unlike most wired validation solutions, the E-Val™ Pro Plus can measure several parameters in addition to temperature. To do this, Ellab designed a Sensor Interface which can be fitted with various sensors, thereby covering all a wider range of measuring parameters.

Unlock measurements for:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure & Vacuum
  • Relative Humidity
  • CO2
  • Conductivity

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Valsuite-Validation software

Intuitive Validation Software for Analysis & Efficient Reporting

The biggest time-saver for wired validation without a doubt comes through having an intuitive and comprehensive software solution. Our ValSuite® Pro Validation Software gathers, analyzes, and reports on your crucial data all in one go.

It keeps a complete database of all aspects of your validation requirements – tracking thermocouples, calibration reports, test setup, specific user access and final compliance reports.

You can save a lot of time as it guides you through your process validations, utilizing templates and automations to create the best validation experience possible and keep you audit ready.



FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance through digital signatures and automated audit trails.


Automatic data analysis and report generation of your findings with clear pass/fail indicators.


Quick set up of studies with session and report templates, so you only need to define what you want once.

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What you can expect with a Wired Validation Solution from Ellab:

Reduce the risk to your biopharmaceutical products and go beyond compliance with Ellab’s wired validation solution, E-Val™ Pro Plus.

  • Complete compliance with FDA, GAMP, and internal regulations.
  • Faster time-to-market and more uptime.
  • The end to data gaps and having to redo studies.
  • Full sensor traceability and replaceability without compromising calibrations.
  • Plug-and-play thermocouples with less drift.
  • Elimination of manual tasks through automated setup, analysis, and reporting.
  • Clear pass/fail indications.
  • Purchase, rental, or service options as well as possible SOP rewrites.

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