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Ellab Temperature Indicator

The Ellab Temperature Indicator (ETI) is a high-quality temperature and pressure indicating device, designed for displaying and documenting the processing temperature or pressure in retorts. Each indicator is an FDA 21 CFR Part 113 compliant alternative to the mercury-in-glass thermometer, with interchangeable dual probe temperature sensors and optional digital pressure sensor. 

The ETI is supplied with a rechargeable backup battery, a remote display option, Modbus address feature and an output channel for automatic alarms. The device is compliant with Ellab’s ETISuite and ValSuite software.It records and displays temperature, time & pressure. The temperature measuring range is from -100 to 150 °C (calibrated measuring range: 0 to 140 °C) and the pressure measuring range is from 0 to 4 bar abs.

High Quality Digital Indication

The ETI has an easy-to-read digital display, offers an accuracy of ± 0.1°C and is FDA 21 CFR, part 113 compliant. Due to the temperature sensors (RTD’s) being interchangeable, you can eliminate downtime for calibration, sensor replacements, etc.

When connected to a PLC, the ETI time and temperature/pressure measurements are communicated directly to the PLC, making it possible to monitor and/or control the process and the retort. Remote secondary displays can also be added, allowing you to monitor several ETI units from a single location.

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Valsuite-Validation software

Software ValSuite® or ETISuite

ETI devices can be operated through the ValSuite software or the optional ETISuite software that enables the collection of data through the RS485 port to a computer. Furthermore, the software offers features that allow users to make fully documented and detailed calibrations and reports.
By using the software, it is possible to monitor the status of ETI by enabling users to log temperature/pressure values or, alternatively, use the PC to program ETI to log data independently.

Key Features and Benefits


Unique calibration concept with interchangeable probes that secures a constant production flow and prevents downtime


The software also collects temperature/time data from the ETI with the option of generating PDF reports


Send temperature/time data through the RS485 port to a remote computer


The ETI is delivered with optional user-friendly software that enables users to reset the clock


Automatic warning upon loss of accuracy or probe malfunction


A cable for horizontal probe installations is available


Internal rechargeable 8-hour battery


Automatic warning before calibration due date

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Temperature and Pressure Calibration

Ellab provides in-house calibrations with full documentation and NIST traceable (or equivalent) calibration certificates. 

The selection of calibration solutions available cover all needs for local temperature and pressure calibrations. Through Dry Blocks, Calibrations Baths and Reference Instruments, users can calibrate their own temperature sensors within their respective facilities, documenting and gaining full traceability in the process. By ensuring that equipment is fully and repeatedly calibrated, measuring devices will provide far more reliable data, which establishes the security and quality of the products being produces.

These calibration systems also work in conjunction with the ValSuite software, offering automatic execution feature results for a more efficient and valid process. This process saves operators a lot of time, as the  in the calibration to no longer requires manual interference.

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