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How to Secure your Vaccine Storage

One of the biggest concerns when handling vaccines is how much heat they are exposed to during their lifecycle. Therefore, it is extremely important to control the cold chain.

Qualification of Dry Heat Sterilizers – Critical Factors

There are several critical factors to take into concern when qualifying dry heat sterilizers. One of them is the spread of temperature across the belt during the depyrogenation process.

Environmental Monitoring of Stability Chambers and Warehouses

Stable and reliable monitoring and qualification of stability chambers is important to secure the storage conditions and avoid costly deviations. An ideal solution is using data loggers with alarm functions.

Medical & Hospitals

Qualifying Washer Disinfectors for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Instruments

One challenge associated with qualifying washer disinfectors for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) instruments, is to check that the flow of rinsing water through the piping is adequate enough to ensure disinfection.

Bowie Dick Testing – Routine Control of Autoclaves

Ensuring that surgical and procedural hospital equipment is completely clean and sterile is of utmost importance to protect patients against infections and contagious diseases.

Food & Beverages

Validating UHT and HTST Pasteurization Processes

Validating a pasteurization process, such as UHT or HTST, includes several considerations, of which identifying the locations of the critical measuring point is of most importance.

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