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Valsuite-Validation software

Field Calibration

Off-site calibrations may not be ideal for all customers as this may cause downtime due to sending equipment to an external calibration laboratory. Measuring devices that cannot be removed from their location also exist because they are process and quality relevant measuring points at stationary plants, appliances and devices.

Calibrations outside a conditioned laboratory require a high level of metrological knowledge and experience. With Ellab you have a competent partner for these comprehensive calibration tasks. We calibrate your high-grade instruments and measuring systems so that you can be sure that the calibration and documentation are conforming to standards and that they are reproducible and traceable.

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Ellab Calibration Service

Ellab’s calibration service provides onsite temperature and pressure calibrations.

Field Calibration Services:

  • Control sensors on autoclaves
  • Pasteurization plants
  • UHT facilities
  • CTU’s and CTE’s
  • Calibration range from -80 to +400°C


  • Time savings
  • All instruments can be calibrated on-site
  • No downtime for your measuring instruments
  • No shipping costs
  • Less risk for equipment damage due to shipping
  • All instruments we use are traceable to DANAK or NIST equivalent

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Do you have a question?