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SteriSense – the Ultimate Electronic Bowie Dick Test

SteriSense – the Ultimate Electronic Bowie Dick Test


SteriSense is a new and innovative device for electronic Bowie Dick tests that is unmatched in accuracy, performance and reliability.

SteriSense is the most compact Electronic Bowie Dick Test on the market and has the unique feature of having a replaceable Process Challenge Device (PCD), which allows you to run several test cycles in a sequence.

Unlike traditional chemical indicators, where your subjectively decide according to a change in color, SteriSense provides a much more in-depth verification of critical sterilization parameters, eliminating any guess work.

SteriSense is extremely easy to use and requires very little training. With just a single click, the SteriSense measuring device will start to measure and record data. Once the Bowie Dick program is done, the device is simply placed in the reader station where the software automatically processes the data and provides a test result – simple and easy!

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