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    On-site Service

    Get on-site validation and qualification service. We have trained and highly skilled validation engineers.

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    LiquiCal - Temperature Calibration Baths

    LiquiCal is a range of high performance temperature calibration baths used for precision calibrations. The baths can be controlled via a PC, allowing for automated calibration and ramp control, or be run as a stand-alone unit. LiquiCal provides an immensely high accuracy along with a large immersion depth, stability, fast temperature changes and quiet runs.

    The models cover temperatures from -80 to +300 °C and all have the same exterior dimensions, bath openings and liquid filling volume, except for the micro baths (LiquiCal SM/HM), which are far smaller in order to facilitate mobility.

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    Completely Automated Solution

    The temperature calibration baths can be integrated with the Ellab Temperature Standard (ETS) and ValSuite® Pro calibration and validation software for completely automated calibration and control. The software controls the ramp, stability time and automatically calibrates Ellab data logging equipment.

    A convenient overflow reservoir captures any excess fluid that may emerge from fluid expansion. The bath’s 15.9 L (4.2 gallon) tank can easily be emptied though a drain when needed.

    Ellab Temperature Standard
    The traceable ETS provides an extremely accurate temperature calibration. The ETS is available in 3 different versions and comes with calibration certificates traceable to NPL. The ValSuite Pro software, along with the ETS and the LiquiCal bath, provide an automatic setup which simplifies the calibration process and saves time.

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    Liquids for LiquiCal Baths


    To obtain optimal temperature stability and homogeneity in the calibration zone, liquids with the lowest possible viscosity (< 25 CST) are preferred. Ellab supplies a range of liquids in 3.8 L (1 gallon) containers, safely covering the temperature range of -90 to +300 °C.


    • Ellab Halocarbon Oil Low: -90 to +90 °C
    • Ellab Low Temperature Liquid: -80 50 +5 °C
    • Ellab Standard Oil: -30 to 160 °C
    • Ellab High Temperature Oil: +80 to +300 °C


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    One Bath/One Oil Concept


    Using Ellab standard oil within a temperature range of -30 to +150 °C together with the LiquiCal SL calibration bath, most equipment for validation of various applications are covered, these include:


    • Sterilization using autoclaves and retorts
    • Pasteurization using plate heat exchangers
    • Testing using environmental chambers
    • Chilling using refrigerators
    • Storing in freezers
    • And more…

    ValSuite Pro Software


    The ValSuite Pro Software allows for a semi or full-automatic pre and post calibration of cable probes or wireless loggers. By using the intuitive menu, all the necessary calibration data is processed, and offset values are generated and stored in the software.


    For the TrackSense Pro wireless loggers and E-Val Pro thermocouple sensors, a firmware calibration routine is recommended on a regular basis, and a user alert can be programmed into the memory for smart handling.


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    Calibration Set-Up


    Ellab calibration software uses a point-to-point method and can handle multiple points using interpolation. When choosing the semi-automatic calibration, it only requires an ETS to be connected. In a full-automatic calibration, both the ETS and LiquiCal bath are required to be in operation. The following performance criteria can be set:


    • Maximum allowed calibration bath fluctuation band and time
    • Holding time
    • Maximum allowed temperature standard fluctuation
    • Maximum sensor temperature deviation and pass time
    • All setup conditions, acceptance criteria, actual values and deviations are shown in the calibration report.

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