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New Bowie Dick Sensor for our Wireless Data Loggers

29 September 19

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We have just added the new Bowie Dick sensor for the pharmaceutical market to the wide range of interchangeable sensors for our wireless data loggers.

This highly compact electronic device is the only electronic Bowie Dick sensor on the market designed for 121 °C sterilization processes. It provides far more insight into critical sterilization parameters than previously possible, making it a critical tool for any steam penetration study.

  • Uniquely designed for both 121 and 134 °C tests
  • Accurate, reliable and cost efficient
  • Very compact size
  • Paperless alternative to traditional Bowie Dick tests
  • Replaceable PCD to run several cycles in a sequence
  • Verification of critical sterilization parameters

The sensor consists of a Process Challenge Device (PCD) combined with a triple sensor designed to measure the ambient temperature and pressure as well as the temperature inside the PCD. Furthermore, the PCD has the unique feature of being completely interchangeable, thereby allowing several test cycles in a non-stop sequence.

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