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Packing Gland for Glass Ampules with Breakable Necks

Packing Gland for Glass Ampules with Breakable Necks

By pushing the ampule towards a sealing ring embedded in the peek fixture, which is all kept in place by the stainless-steel frame, these fixtures are ideal for operating ampules with breakable necks. The fixtures provide trouble free and vacuum sealed mounting of rigid or flexible sensors in standard- or pointed end ampoules. Due to the frame design, the sensor thread can be mounted directly onto the peek fixture or be adjusted to the cold spot. While simple in design, the fixtures very effective and do not require tools.

Mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for ampules being processed through freezing, sterilization, etc

Main advantages:

✔ Ideal for sterilizing filled ampoules
✔ Frame designs in various sizes that ensure a tight seal
✔ Easy handling – does not require tools
✔ Can be used for rigid and flexible sensors with various diameters

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