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Packing Gland for IV Bags

Packing Gland for IV Bags

Made of AISI 316L stainless steel, this conically shaped connector is ideal for measuring in plastic ampules with necks. Due to its locking function incorporating a metal spring, the seal is secured and stable. Available in sizes that fit all kinds of conically shaped plastic ampules and syringe barrels. If the sensor length has to be adjusted, space bars can be implemented or removed to fit the cold spot. Used in the food and pharmaceutical industries for IV bags being processed through freezing, sterilization, etc.

Main advantages:

✔ Ideal for sterilizing filled IV bags with conically shaped entry ports
✔ Unique design that ensures a tight seal
✔ Easy handling – does not require tools
✔ Can be used for rigid and flexible sensors with various diameters

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