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LYO 28 mm Packing Gland

LYO 28 mm Packing Gland

The LYO 20 and 28 mm are an unique solution for fixating TrackSense® Pro PTFE flex sensors in the correct positions inside the freeze drying vials during product temperature monitoring – i.e in the center and 1-2 mm from the vial bottom. The LYO 20 and 28 offers the most accurate and repeatable placement of a product sensor in a vial providing a virtually thermal free path to the product. The vapor flow allowed by the special stopper replicates the vapor path of a standard split stopper. 

The LYO 20 and 28 are ideal for the pharmaceutical industry for vials and lyophilization processes.

Main advantages:

✔ Secures accurate and repeatable measurements
✔ Easy and fast mounting
✔ Available for vials with neck diameters of 20 or 28 mm

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