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Protective Holder for TrackSense Data Loggers

Protective Holder for TrackSense Data Loggers

This holder is a unique solution, primarily designed for protecting data loggers in corrosive environments – and secondly to fixate data loggers in hanging positions. Designed as a two-part cylinder with a sealable sensor hole at the top, the POM material protective holder is easily mounted in various applications. Due to its cylindrical design, in which the two parts are sealed by an o-ring, it completely protects the data logger from unwanted contact with corrosive or other potentially damaging environments. When programming the logger in the Reader Station, only the bottom part of the cylinder needs to be removed. Ideal for pharmaceutical and medical applications that require additional protection for data loggers.

Main advantages:

✔ Strong POM material inert to most chemicals
✔ Keeps data loggers sealed and protected from damaging environments
✔ Matching both TrackSense Pro or Compact data loggers
✔ Maintenance free
✔ Approved for direct contact with food


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