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Screw Terminal Plugs for the E-Val Pro

Screw Terminal Plugs for the E-Val Pro

Analog Signal

Two screw terminal sensor plugs for analogue signals are available to expand the measuring parameters of the E-Val Pro thermocouple system. The two plugs are either 4-20 mA (milliampere) or 0-10V (volt) signals. Analog generally measures variables such as pressure, temperature, flow, speed, etc., which are converted by the sensors to analog values that are, depending on the sensor, linearized inside the sensor. Sensors for analog measured variables usually consist of two functional elements: the measuring sensor and the transducer, which determine the change in the measured variable by means of a physical principle (in this case, ampere or voltage).

Digital Signal

By using the E-Val Pro Input and Output connectors, the E-Val Pro can send or receive digital signals from equipment’s Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) via a relay function. This is an ideal solution when either control of the process via the data (temperature/pressure or F0) obtained from ValSuite is required or the termination of ValSuite sessions/placements of Time Markers is required.

Expanded Thermocouple Signal

The POLY screw terminal plug expands the use of the E-Val Pro to include temperature measurements that exceed the range of the type T thermocouples (-200 to +400 °C). The E-Val Pro measuring range changes accordingly when using the POLY plug in combination with thermocouple type K, J, N or R:

  • Type J: -200 to +1200 °C
  • Type K: -200 to +1372 °C
  • Type N: -200 to +1300 °C
  • Type R: -50 to +1768 °C

Mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry that uses special thermocouples or analog/digital sensors, or requires an interface between the PLC and E-Val Pro.


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