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TrackSense® Pro - Large Data Logger Battery

TrackSense® Pro - Large Data Logger Battery

Battery life greatly depends on the application and logger use profile. Extensive ramping and duration at higher temperatures can reduce the average lifetime of the battery. The data logger battery incorporates the latest battery technology, which results in 3,000 hours of operation at a 10 seconds sample rate at 121 °C. When using single or double temperature sensors, tests have shown that the battery lifetime at -80 °C with a 4-minute sample rate, could be as high as 5,400 hours or more. The extended data logger battery capacity makes it exceptional for applications involving vast swings in temperature.

Advantages of using Ellab TrackSense Pro batteries:

✔ Ensures data logger performance and measuring accuracy
✔ Eliminates unexpected downtime and damage
✔ Can be stored for up to 10 years – only activated prior to use
✔ Valid product warranty when used in specified measuring areas
✔ Traceability by serial numbers



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Operating Logger

Pro XL, Compact UX, SteriSense

Battery Type:

Lithium AA

Nominal Voltage:

3.6 V

Nominal Capacity:

1.8 Ah

Nominal Current:

2 mA

Max. Continuous Discharge Current:

100 mA

Lithium Content:

0.65 g


18 g


8 cm3

Temperature Range:

-80 to +150 °C

Capacity at 121 °C with a 10 Second Sample Rate:

Temperature 1 Sensor:

3,000 hours

Temperature 2 Sensors:

2,600 hours

Pressure Sensor:

2,200 hours

Relative Humidity Sensor:

2,200 hours

Conductivity Sensor:

1,500 hours

Vacuum Sensor:

450 hours

Temperature Thermocouple Sensor:

2,000 hours 

CO2 Sensor:

120 hours 

SteriSense / Bowie Dick Sensor:

1,900 hours 

Intrinsically Safe:

EEx ia IIC T3

WARNING: Fire, explosion and severe burn hazard.
Do not recharge, disassemble, heat above 150 °C,
incinerate or expose contents to water.

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