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TrackSense® Pro - Micro Data Logger Battery

TrackSense® Pro - Micro Data Logger Battery

Battery life greatly depends on the application and logger use profile. Extensive ramping and duration at highter temperatures can reduce the average life of the battery. The data logger battery is very small and incorporates the latest battery technology, which results in a maximum of 75 hours with a 10 sec. sample rate at 121°C. To extend the usage time of the battery, it is recommended that the user takes out the batteries when the logger is not in use.

Advantages of using Ellab TrackSense Pro batteries:

✔ Ensure data logger performance and measurement accuracy
✔ Avoid unexpected downtime and damage
✔ Can be stored for up to 10 years
✔ Valid product warranty when used in specified measuring areas

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75 Hours


50 Hours

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