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    Temperature Range
    +35 to +45 °C

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    PyroMon™ Pro Probe

    Probe for Pyrogen Testing

    The PyroMon probe for our pyrogen test system is designed to measure the rectal temperature on animals. The rectal probe is offered in one size. The expanded area tells the operator when to stop the introduction of the probe in the anal canal.

    Thermocouple Type:



    6.2 mm


    5 mm

    Material of Electrode:


    Response Time:

    10.5 Sec.

    Accuracy in the Range +15 to +45 °C:

    ±0.1 °C

    Cable Length:

    2.75 m

    Rectal Probe for Pyrogen Testing:

    Animal Safety:

    The Probes have passed an isolation test of 1.5kV.
    The Silicone Cable is inactive and not irritating to the skin


    70% alcohol, 0.5% chlorexidine and 29.5% water


    Autoclaved up to 120 °C or gas sterilized by EtO

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