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Thermocouple Sensor Type T - SSR

Thermocouple Sensor Type T - SSR

Ellab's thermocouple sensors for thermal validation, are made with superior quality materials that allows for high accuracy, quick response times and stable measuring. The SSR type T thermocouple sensor has a temperature range of -20 to +135 °C, with an unmatched accuracy of <0.2 °C (calibrated ± 0.05 °C) and a USB plug designed to save all calibration constants. The SSR thermocouple is especially ideal for food applications where it can be ordered with a round, sharp or conic tip equipped. The SSR functions with the Thermal Validation System E-Val™ Pro.

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Technical Specifications



Operating Temperature:

-20 to +135 °C

Measuring Principle:

Thermoelectric Effect


<0.2 °C / Calibrated ± 0.05 °C

Response Time:


1.8 Second


3.5 Seconds

Electrode Material:

Stainless Steel

Electrode Ø:

3.0 mm

Electrode End:

Round / Sharp / Conic

Cable Material:


Cable Dimensions:

Ø 3.0 mm

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