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Interchangeable Sensors for Wireless Data Loggers

Interchangeable Sensors for Wireless Data Loggers

Ellab’s TrackSense® Pro data logger series has a unique interchangeable sensor system, which allows users to easily change between a wide selection of sensors and parameters.

Parameter options:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensor
  • Vacuum sensor
  • CO2 sensor
  • Relative humidity sensor
  • Conductivity sensor
  • Various combined parameters

The temperature sensors are available in various designs and consist of either stainless steel, PTFE or a combination of both. The flexible temperature sensor series contain low and high temperature sensors, covering both ends of the extreme temperature spectrum, which includes applications like freeze drying and depyrogenation. An extra robust and flexible sensor is also available for excessively harsh environments.

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The Advantages of Choosing Interchangeable Sensors

The Advantages of Choosing Interchangeable Sensors

  • Easy configuration and high flexibility
  • Change sensors on-site to fit different application requirements
  • Real-time option through SKY-module
  • Reduces downtime when re-calibration of the sensor is required
  • Lower investment cost

Temperature sensor type​s:

  • Internal
  • Rigid
  • Semi flexible
  • Flexible
  • Thermocouple (can be combined with the TrackSense Pro data logger series)

Sensor tip options for stainless steel sensors:

  • Round
  • Sharp
  • Conical
Still Find it Difficult to Designate the Optimal Solution for your Application?

To help you in the right direction, Ellab has designed a Product Finder, which can assist in identifying the best possible combination of logger and sensor for your application.  

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