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Multi Reader Station for Data Loggers

Multi Reader Station for Data Loggers

The TrackSense® Pro Multi Reader Station is engineered with flexibility and speed in mind. The station has 4 positions for loggers and is connected to the PC via USB. By using the USB port, power is supplied directly from your PC reducing the need for an external power source. Starting up and reading loggers can now be performed in seconds. 16 loggers can be started or read simultaneously, saving time, especially when 160 data loggers have to be started in one study.

The TrackSense® Pro loggers communicate via induction greatly improving the speed and reliability of data transfer. Thousands of data points from multiple loggers can be downloaded in less than ten minutes. The software will automatically cycle through each logger it locates in the station enabling the operator to walk away during data transfer.

Have a smaller setup? Try our Single Reader Station.


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Connect to Large-Scale IT System with LAN

Connect to Large-Scale IT System with LAN

The TrackSense Pro 3.1 G Multi Reader Station has been equipped with a LAN connection, allowing it to be accessed remotely and be integrated with the ValSuite® software into large-scale IT systems like:

  • Client server solutions with a central server database, e.g. a Citrix solution
  • Virtual servers and remote desktops
  • Cloud solutions, like the Amazon Web Service (AWS)


Technical Specifications

Operating Temperature:

5 to 50 °C

Operating Voltage:

5V External Adapter 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz or USB


0 - 90% RH, non-condensing

Reader / Logger Communication:


PC Interface:

USB / LAN Connection


1-4 loggers at a time


Up to 4 modules

Expansion Capacity:

Up to 16 loggers at a time

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