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Single Reader Station for Data Loggers

Single Reader Station for Data Loggers

If you require a simple solution and use few data loggers from the same family, the TrackSense® Pro Single Reader Station is a great alternative. Much like the Multi Reader, the Single Reader will quickly load the data from data loggers and onto your PC, though being one at a time. Simply connect the station using the USB port and you’re ready to go.

Once data has been successfully uploaded to your PC, the ValSuite® software will quickly be able to analyze and present your data in graphs and various reports.

Please note, that if you require a variety of different loggers, the Multi Reader Station is the ideal choice, as it provides far more data logger slots that can be customized to your specific setup.


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Technical Specifications

Operating Temperature:

5 to 50 °C

Power Supply:



0 - 90% RH, non-condensing

Reader / Logger Communication:


PC Interface:



1 logger at a time

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