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Get Fully Documented and Accredited Calibrations
Get Fully Documented and Accredited Calibrations

- Reduce downtime with efficient calibration services

Calibration is essential for success in the world of validation. Which is why Ellab offers pre-calibrated products and regular calibrations of measuring equipment world-wide.

Calibration of Your Measuring Devices

Calibration of Your Measuring Devices

Highly accurate measuring devices such as data loggers should be calibrated regularly. It is recommended that sensors receive a factory calibration at least once a year but this is dependent on the type and amount of usage of the measuring device.

Regular/scheduled calibration can make a significant contribution to increasing overall product quality. This will also eliminate the need for non-essential rework and minimize waste.

As a part of numerous standards and regulations (ISO 9000 series of standards, ISO TS 16949, QS9000, etc.) a quality assurance system with integrated measuring device management is required, which needs a scheduled calibration interval for measuring equipment. Quality measuring tests always need to be performed utilizing sound test equipment per the context of product liability laws.

Systematic control, regular calibrations and complete documentation can generate liability reduction.


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Ellab - Your Partner for Calibration

Our calibration laboratory is equipped for the following measurements:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Relative atmospheric humidity
  • Conductivity

Increase Your Customer's Satisfaction with us!

Your benefits at a glance:
  • increasing the manufacturer quality
  • avoiding waste and nonessential efforts
  • fulfillment of standards, guidelines and certifications
  • liability reduction
  • audit security
Calibration Facilities

Calibration Facilities

Ellab Facilities

Denmark  |  Ellab A/S  | Accredited
USA  |  Ellab Inc 
Germany  |  Ellab GmbH  |  Accredited
Italy  |  Ellab Italy  |  Accredited
UK  |  Hanwell  |  Accredited (Monitoring)
UK | Ellab UK Ltd.
France  |  Ellab S.A.R.L
Netherlands  |  Ellab BV
UAE  |  Ellab FZCO
Philippines  |  Ellab Philippines Corp.  

Ellab Partners:

Brazil  |  LTL Serviçios Equip  |  Accredited
Singapore  |  Scientific & Industrial Instrumentation Pte Ltd
Japan  |  ERABU JAPAN Co., LTD.
China  |  Hubei Evergreen
Spain  |  Iberfluid Instruments S.A.
India  |  Aimil Ltd.
Russia  |  ER LLC

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DANAK Accredited Factory Calibration at Ellab

Ellab validation equipment is calibrated in our modern calibration laboratory using systematic and validated procedures. Optional DANAK accredited calibrations are available for temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors. Ellab’s calibration laboratories are among the best in the industry. We are convinced that the starting point of every measurement is a reproducible, traceable and highly precise system of reference devices. Our laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 (general competence requirements according to testing and calibration standards). We guarantee high accuracy calibrations, as well as a high degree of expertise. This is ensured by regular inspections performed by the approved accreditation body DANAK. As a result of this, we can be sure, that the in our laboratory measured data is precise, traceable and reproducible.

Along with the DANAK accreditation, Ellab is committed to ensuring our quality management system complies with all ISO 9001 requirements.  Our accredited calibration certificates contain a complete uncertainty budget for customer evaluation.

Scope of Calibration:

  • Visual inspection and cleaning
  • Technical functional check
  • Calibration with detailed certificate
  • Repair, exchange and adjustment on demand
  • Individual technical support

View Ellab's DANAK accredited Calibration Measurement Capability (Reg. No. 520) via the button below:

Calibration Measurement Capability
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