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Rental Equipment for Validation Activities & Equipment Qualification

Rental Equipment for Validation Activities & Equipment Qualification

When does renting equipment make sense?
Equipment rentals are great for both existing and new Ellab customers. For new customers, renting equipment is a great choice when you quickly need to respond to a situation or if you wish the opportunity to experience Ellab’s products before committing to a purchase.

As an existing customer, renting can be a great way to ramp up equipment for requalification during shutdown seasons without the additional costs of maintaining the equipment after your project is completed.

Wireless data-loggers or a thermocouple-based solution?  
Both systems can measure temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, vacuum, and conductivity. Additionally, both systems utilize the same software, giving you the opportunity to incorporate both systems in the same project if necessary.


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Turn-Key Rental Packages

Wireless Data-Logger rental package includes:

✔  Rental laptop
✔  ValSuite® software installed (Optional Validation Package available)
✔  Master Reader station to program / read loggers
✔  Requested number of wireless data-loggers and sensors
✔  Battery & Calibration Certificate included for each unit


Thermocouple System rental package includes:

✔  Rental laptop
✔  E-Val Pro module (up to 40 channels per unit)
✔  ValSuite® software installed (Optional Validation Package available)
✔  USB screw terminals or sealed thermocouples;
- the USB screw terminals allow customers to use their own thermocouples

Wireless Data Logger Rental

When wireless rental data loggers are the preferred choice for temperature mapping equipment, Ellab offers a wide variety of solutions for many applications. TrackSense® data logger rentals are the perfect solution for any high-volume or application specific study, that are only performed once or twice a year. For example, summer and winter warehouse qualifications often require a large quantity of wireless data loggers and would therefore be the ideal rental solution.

We cover a wide scope of measurement parameters and each of our sensors are specifically designed to meet necessary standard requirements for individual qualification and validation processes. Ellab’s TrackSense® wireless sensors are made of 316L stainless steel, PTFE or a mix of both. The wireless sensors measure temperature, pressure, RH, CO2, vacuum and conductivity.

Common rental applications:

  • Autoclaves
  • Depyrogenation
  • Lyophilization
  • Stability chambers
  • Warehouses

Thermocouple System Rental

Ellab also offers a wired thermocouple rental system, the E-Val Pro. Our rental thermocouple system meets FDA/GAMP guidelines, is compact and light, making it easy to transport between tests. Operators have the option of renting thermocouples from Ellab or use their own thermocouples by renting our smart USB connectors.

Our smart USB connectors allow customers to connect their own thermocouples to the E-Val Pro module and benefit from the cold-junction compensation that is stored individually in each unit. Ellab thermocouples offer a ±0.1°C accuracy for most applications, but are typically more accurate in moderate applications.

The E-Val Pro thermocouple system rental measures temperature, but can also measure the same parameters as the TrackSense Pro wireless data loggers; pressure, RH, CO2, vacuum and conductivity by using data logger sensors in conjunction with the E-Val Pro thermocouple system sensor interface.

Common applications for a rental thermocouple system:

  • Autoclaves
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Stability chambers
  • Ovens
Intuitive ValSuite™ Software
Intuitive ValSuite™ Software

Rental of wireless data loggers or a wired thermocouple system both include the intuitive FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant Valsuite® Pro validation software. ValSuite offers several reports to be configured once data is collected as well as a wide range of reporting features specific to validation and qualification processes. ValSuite also has a unique Windows Security compatibility, making it a truly a safe and reliable software that meets industry guidelines.

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Why choose Ellab?
Why choose Ellab?

Supplemental and turn-key rental systems
Ellab offers sensor types for a variety of environmental parameters including:
temperature, relative humidity, pressure, CO2, vacuum and conductivity. Pre and Post-Calibration services are also available, allowing operators to do their job without having to worry about performing their own calibrations on-site.

With our huge inventory of rental equipment maintained to the highest standards, we are ready to accommodate rentals for projects of any size or duration.


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