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Temperature Range of
-45 to +150 °C

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Ellab Temperature Standard

Angled ETS25 - A182

ETS25-A temperature standards are ideal for working with our line of dry blocks to calibrate wireless data loggers and industrial sensors that take up additional space over the insert/calibration zone. When placed in the center of insert , the ETS25-A182 will simply clear the top of the dry block by bending away, thereby providing more room for the sensors undergoing tests.

The traceable ETS allows for extremely accurate temperature measurements by converting resistance into temperature using its built-in algorithms.

When connected to the ValSuite software, the LiquiCal bath and ETS provide a perfect automatic setup which – saving time and allowing for convenient calibrations.

The ETS has a built-in digital display to indicate the readings in real-time, and can be power through either USB or LAN (PoE) depending on user-preference.

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Angled ETS25 - A213
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Key Features and Benefits


Temperature Range -45 to
+150 °C


Accuracy ±0.025 °C


Separated electronics from heat zone


Robust and Versatile Design


USB and LAN communication option


Holder to effortlessly mount on walls or steel surfaces


In-built digital display for live readings

ETS25 – A182

Housing Material:

Recyclable ABS Plastic

Housing IP Class:



High resolution 3-digit digital display

Interface & Power Source:

USB or Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Temperature Range:

-45 to +150 °C

Accuracy – Includes Instrument, PRT and Drift:

-45 to +150 °C:

±0.025 °C

Measuring Sample Rate:

1 Sec.

Digital Filter:

0-10 Sec.


100 Ω

Sensor Response Time:


33 Seconds


45 Seconds

Sensor Material:

Inconel™ 600

Sensor Diamter:

ø 6.35 mm

Immersion Depth (vertical length before bend):

160 mm

Total Length (including bend):

182.3 mm


5 – 50 °C / 0 – 90% RH, non-condensing


Traceable to Teknologisk Institut, Denmark

Calibration Algoritms:


Recommended Calibration Interval:

12 months


305 g

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