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Get Your Equipment Mapped by Experts

Whether you got reach-in or walk-in controlled temperature units (CTU) or controlled environmental units (CTE), we got the team to accurately map it. Ellab performs Temperature Mapping Service of: Autoclaves, Warehouses, Freezers, Refrigerators, Incubators, Cold Storages and Stability Chambers.

Performing temperature mapping for these units ensures that every point within the defined storage area confidently meet certain acceptance criteria. The temperature mapping is performed over a period of time to ensure that as the systems accurate, the temperature is always within limits and without excursion.

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What to look for when Selecting a Temperature Mapping Contractor

It can sometimes be difficult to decide who provides the best type of temperature mapping services for a specific facility. There are a couple of key points that should be considered when selecting a temperature mapping contractor:

  • Quality of the staff and engineers
  • Quality of the equipment used to perform temperature mapping
  • Time spent preparing and conducting measurements
  • Recognized standing in the industry as manufacturers of temperature mapping equipment
  • Quality and turnaround of the documentation upon completion

We perform temperature mapping service for:








Stability Chambers





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Let us map Your CTU’s and CTE’s

With our qualification and validation engineers, your controlled temperature units (CTU’s) and controlled environmental units (CTE’s) are in capable hands. We ensure that your defined storage area confidently meets certain acceptance criteria, by accurately measuring and mapping each relevant point. Our teams are well known for their efficient mapping turnaround time, while ensuring that your system is accurate and within the defined limits without excursion.

Temperature Mapping of Warehouses

As the seasons change, so does the temperature that surrounds your warehouses. These shifts in temperature can be drastic and may affect the warehouses and storages that contain your valuable products. However, by accurately mapping the temperature of your warehouse, you can make the required adjustments to ensure the quality of your product.

Ellab’s skilled teams of engineers have the experience and equipment on hand to swiftly execute accurate temperature mappings of your warehouses and storages. With our large equipment fleet, we can over even the largest warehouses to provide you with a clear overview of where the temperature needs adjusting.

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