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The Next Generation of the Ellab Temperature Standard is here!

16 November 21

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The next generation of the Ellab Temperature Standard (ETS) is here and ready to calibrate. The upgrade includes a line of new and exciting features and benefits, to further improve the ease-of-use and flexibility:

  • Now includes a LAN port to support power over Ethernet (requires ValSuite 6.3 or later), allowing you to choose between LAN or USB connections
  • Fitted with a digital display to showcase real-time temperature readings
  • A wall mount holder is now included with every ETS, allowing you to easily mount the reference instrument on walls and steel surfaces
  • The new ABS plastic cabinet is fully recyclable

The high-end temperature specifications from the original ETS have remained, offering a complete solution for all your calibration needs.

The upgrade covers all ETS variants, including the new ETS devices with angled sensors.

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